C X Silver Gallery’s Dim Sum Teahouse offers a variety of workshops which can be incorporated into party packages for birthdays, reunions, or other events and meetings for families, organizations and corporations. Activities can include Chinese conversation, songs and games. Costs for workshops vary depending on the activity and the number of participants.

  1. Cooking workshop, age 3 to adult
  2. Birds nest with origami and clay, age 3 to adult
  3. Calligraphy hanging scrolls, age 3 to adult
  4. Chinese calligraphy paper fans, age 3 to adult
  5. Doll making, age 3 to adult
  6. Dragon puppet making, age 3 to adult
  7. Kite making, age 3 to adult
  8. Chinese brush painting paper fans, age 5 to adult
  9. Chinese brush painting hanging scrolls, age 5 to adult
  10. Paper lanterns, age 5 to adult
  11. Chinese paper-cut art for window decoration, age 5 to adult
  12. ‘Good Luck’ pillow making (with the Chinese character fu), age 5 to adult
  13. Mini dragon boats or mobiles, age 5 to adult
  14. Origami, paper folding and paper sculpture, age 5 to adult
  15. Paper hacky sack making, age 5 to adult
  16. Chinese opera mask making, age 5 to adult
  17. Building miniature Chinese temples with found materials, age 7 to adult
  18. Mini Chinese terracotta warriors with clay, age 7 to adult
  19. Embroidery of Chinese characters on tee-shirts, age 10 to adult
  20. Paper and silk thread zongzi ornament making, teens and adults
  21. T’ai chi and calligraphy, teens and adults
  22. Caricatures, 15 people
  23. Portrait sketches, 10 people

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