• BY APPOINTMENT: (802) 257-7898 ext. 2
  • We need to connect with you by phone to confirm your order, pickup/drop-off time, any variations, and your dipping sauce.
  • Order and pay in advance online with a credit or debit card over the phone …
  • … or at our square payment site: but do call us ALSO to confirm pickup time or drop-off time and location
  • Grab-and-go takeout at your car window. 814 Western Ave., Brattleboro, VT
  • Delivery out of town for an additional charge. In-town delivery is free, as available.
  • Hours: 11am-8pm, 7 days.


Dumplings, an order of five, by Cai's Dim SumDumplings $6.50/5 pieces
1. Pork with Chinese Chives
2. Beef with Jicama
3. Turkey and Cabbage
4. Kale and Tofu with Flaxseed (vegan)


Sichuan Style Noodles Rice or Wheat 5. Sichuan Noodles (wheat or rice noodles) $8.50




Scallion Pancake, served in 6 segments, by Cai's Dim Sum6. Scallion Pancake $5.50



Steamed Buns $4.50 each:
7. Pork with Napa
8. Vegan Kale with Tofu and Flaxseed
9. Sweet Bean Paste with Osmanthus Flower

10. “Box Abundance” $18 each box (gluten-free)
* Pork riblets or * chicken stir-fried with local vegetables with rice + two dumplings.
* Ginger tofu over stir-fried local vegetables and local egg with rice + two dumplings or * Vegan Box Abundance with extra tofu (no egg) + two dumplings

11. Cai’s Fresh Spring Roll – vegan and gluten-free $4.25 each