Dim Sum Special Buffet with Art All Around:
A unique artistic, cultural and culinary environment, authentic home cooking, asian cuisine by Chef Cai, catered meals and events for all occasions, on-site at C.X. Silver Gallery, 814 Western Avenue, Brattleboro, VT, or off-site using your kitchen!
Events at Cai’s Dim Sum Teahouse, C.X. Silver Gallery:

* Looking ahead to future buffet dates: June 19. September 4. October 23. (Please note date changes and reduced occurrences and, remember, we are available with 2 days’ notice almost any evening for your private dining needs, brunches too, especially during the summer – just call to arrange.)
* seatings 11am to 7pm
* by reservation – seating limited – call ahead: (802) 257-7898
* gluten free and vegan options
* $28 per person; kids under 12 pay their age! – under 5 free.
[You can still also plan ahead an event with us for almost any other evening or weekend brunch. Except for Saturdays 9-2, May through December, come find us at our booth at Brattleboro Farmers Market under the big tree.]


  • Vegetarian Dumplings
  • Turkey/Cabbage Dumplings
  • Cong You Bing (Scallion Pancakes)
  • Marinated Greens and Tofu
  • Asparagus with Mango
  • Yu Xiang Rou Si (Stir-fried Chicken and Vegetables)
  • Sichuan Style Rice Noodles
  • Jasmine Rice
  • Congee: Red Yeast Rice, Red Bean, Goji Berries, Lotus Seed, Longan
  • Tea, featuring Tulsi with Rose

Cai’s Dim Sum Teahouse serves a prix fixe all-you-can-eat Dim Sum Buffet 11 to 7 on Valentine’s Day. C.X. Silver Gallery together with Cai’s Dim Sum Teahouse and Catering Service form a unique cultural, arts and culinary environment on Route 9 one mile west of I-91 Exit 2 in Brattleboro, open daily year round by appointment, calling ahead for a visit or reservation recommended. New exhibition at C.X. Silver Gallery is Rodrigo Nava: Collagraphs for Sculpture, his series of collagraph prints, a book accompanying this exhibition, and selected sculpture in new installations inside and out front of the gallery. Continuing exhibition and book at C.X. Silver Gallery is Nye Ffarrabas: a walk on the inside – selected works from the 2014 retrospective, celebrating her art for 50+ years, and her poetry and writing for 60+ years.

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