Cai’s Dim Sum Teahouse and Catering, a gateway to southern Vermont in West Brattleboro, provides unique authentic dishes with vegetarian wheat-free and gluten-free options and an emphasis on local ingredients.

* PRIVATE DINNERS BY APPOINTMENT: Cai’s Dim Sum Teahouse offers more than thirty different dishes at C X Silver Gallery by appointment only, year round, any evening is possible, private dining in the gallery for two or twenty-two.
* CATERING arrangements for events of all kinds, year round, including weddings, wedding rehearsals, graduation parties, birthdays, anniversaries, workshops, conferences and meetings, film festivals, performances, private dining and other occasions.
* (802) 257-7898.

  • For 8 or more, party menus starting at $35 per person plus tax and gratuity.
  • Children’s birthday parties for 10 or more.
  • Mileage charge applies if catering off-site or for deliveries.
  • For more on Artist/Chef Cai’s art and art projects, visit caixiart.com, vimeo.com/caixi/videos, Cai in action using mops and trowels as brushes, the Word Art Book project, the Pink Slip Project,
  • Cai’s Dim Sum featured on NPR’s State of the Re:Union radio episode, ‘Vermont, the Small Town State – Thank you, Tina Antolini!
  • SevenDays review: “Far East Feast”and scrolling about half way down.
  • SevenDays article: Cai’s Dim Sum delivers dumplings and more in Brattleboro
  • VPR Café on where to go in southern Vermont for unique, authentic, memorable art-as-food-as-art/life: starting at 3:54 of the VPR Café podcast, thanks Hannah Palmer Egan and Ric Cengeri!
  • AirBnB on site: home away from home, art all around: airbnb at 814 Western Avenue. 3rd floor 3-bedroom apartment or individually, private rooms – the north room, west room, and south room.
  • Art on the Menu, an article in Art New England Magazine‘Art on the Menu’ in Art New England Magazine, an article surveying restaurants (plus the Dim Sum Teahouse’s catering service) that pair up with art.

    Art As Food As Art at C.X. Silver Gallery and Cai's Dim Sum Teahouse, an article in Artscope MagazineThe Dim Sum Teahouse’s C X Silver Gallery and the Art-as-Food-as-Art project was featured in Artscope, New England’s Culture Magazine.

    Review of dining in at Cai's Dim Sum Teahouse, an article by Elijah Taylor for the Guilford GazetteA review of dining in at Cai’s Dim Sum Teahouse by Elijah Taylor. Thank you, Elijah!

    SevendaysVT article on Brattleboro eateries featuring Cai's Dim Sum as the Far East FeastSevendaysVT Magazine featured Cai’s Dim Sum as the “Far East Feast” is their survey of Brattleboro eateries. Thank you, Hannah Palmer Eagan!

    Cai’s Dim Sum was featured on National Public Radio’s State of the Re:Union radio episode, Vermont, the Small Town State, segment C (first 7 minutes of Segment C, or 32:05 to 39:20 of the entire radio episode) https://soundcloud.com/stateofthereunion/dim-sum
    A Note on SPICINESS: On the menu, any dish with asterisks (one for moderately spicy, two for very spicy) can be also prepared not hot, just a little, or with the hot sauce ‘on the side.’ Cai prepares her own chili sauce, and some people even purchase some to take home. Let us know if you would like to try dishes as they would really be in Chongqing, “la” – the heat of Sichuan chili peppers, and/or, “ma-la” not only chili-hot but also with the tingly hua jiao. Only order dishes extra spicy if you know you can tolerate and enjoy the degree of spiciness.

    CATERING: Cai’s Dim Sum Teahouse offers catering for meetings, reunions, retreats, workshops, and other gatherings with Chinese art and culture themed activities as an option. Groups from 6 to 50 and more. Inquiries to (802) 257-7898 ext. 3 or dimsumvermont@gmail.com. With advance notice we can also arrange a TAKE-OUT order and pick-up with you throughout the month.

    WORKSHOPS: C X Silver Gallery’s Dim Sum Teahouse offers a variety of workshops which can be incorporated into party packages for birthdays, reunions, or other events and meetings for families, organizations and corporations.

    Dim Sum (Cantonese)
    Dian Xin (Mandarin)
    Dian … touching (a dab, the way a brush touches the paper with ink)
    Xin … heart
    … the meal that nourishes
    Dian also means: little, small,
    … smallness, as the essence of sensation.
    Xin also means: the center of the plate.
    Dian Xin (Dim Sum): the variety of small dishes.

    DIRECTIONS: Cai’s Dim Sum Teahouse is located at C X Silver Gallery in West Brattleboro, Vermont at 814 Western Avenue, one mile west of Interstate 91 Exit 2 on VT Highway 9.

    • The nearest intersection is Western Avenue corner of Melrose St. (Melrose is on the right, just before the bridge and creek.)
    • From downtown Brattleboro (corner of Main and High Streets), it is two miles west via High Street.
    • 17.5 miles east towards Brattleboro from the traffic light, center of Wilmington, VT, Route 9, where Route 100 goes north toward Mount Snow.
    • In West Brattleboro neighborhood, the Gallery is half a mile further east from the Seven Eleven gas station.
    • Just after the I-91 overpass, the Gallery is just ahead on the same side after passing the Shell (0.6 mile) and Planet (0.4 mile) gas stations.
    • There is parking on both shoulders of the Avenue (careful if crossing the street).
    • Call (802) 257-7898 ext. 3, if you have any difficulty finding us.

    • GATEWAY TO S.E. VERMONT: Dim Sum at C X Silver Gallery Brattleboro is within reach of all parts of New England and adjacent areas.

    • mountain resorts: 27 miles from Mount Snow; Stratton, 38; Killington 72; Stowe area 136; Jay Peak 177.
    • local colleges: Marlboro Grad Center, 2.2 miles; School of International Training and World Learning, 5.2; Landmark College in Putney, 11.6
    • other towns nearby: Keene, NH, (20.4 miles); Greenfield, MA, (21.7); Northampton, MA, (41); Bennington, VT, (39); Peterborough, NH (39); Manchester, VT (49); Norwich, VT/Hanover-Lebanon, NH area, (68); Middlebury, VT,(114).
    • cities: Albany (76 miles) and Troy (67), NY; Boston (Alewife Station – 81 miles); Springfield, MA (60); Nashua (68) and Manchester, NH (84); Hartford (86) and New Haven, CT (124); Providence, RI (139); Burlington, VT (151); Portland, ME, (176); New York City (Whitestone Bridge – 191 miles); Philadelphia, PA (295); Rochester, NY (298); Baltimore, MD (389).
    • Canada: Montreal (179 miles/ 394 km); Ottawa (249 miles / 548 km, via Cornwall, ON, and Grand Isle, VT); Quebec City (253 miles / 557 km, via I-91 and Autoroutes 55 and 20); Toronto (333 miles / 732 km, via Buffalo)

    Please take our brief survey at www.surveymonkey.com/s/FMDFJYZ. We appreciate your input, suggestions, testimonials,…

    1 Response to About

    1. Chris says:

      A wonderful afternoon of Dian Xing….definitely will be having a party catered by Cai’s. The restaurant is relaxing and the art is stimulating. A perfect way to end the weekend. Thank you.
      The Inn At Mount Snow

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